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  1. it was goood... i was just got really messed up. my brother bought me two bottles at a bar and got me super hammered lol...

  2. ahah asorry... things have just been hectic is all :).... how are u?

  3. thanks for the happy bday.. i see your bday was recent too... wellll happy belated :)...

  4. i been pretttty busy... about to go interview for a analyst position at Sony :)....

  5. thats because i am as tall as the mountains....

  6. I took the pic at the grand canyon.... funny thing is i really thought i was going to fall, but i did it cuz i thought it was worth the pic.... lol

  7. i see you visiting my profile... wahts up! :)

  8. i see you visiting my profile... wahts up! :)