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  1. good times . good times, i think you should really meet zodiac, his like ya twin

  2. keep simon posting lol

  3. happy birthday yo!

  4. legend yourself to edc! Thats a few months to plan.

  5. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    daaaamn..... nice vid yall... im pretty speechless lighting = good music = good glowstring = good freehand = good this is a good vid 5 stars ***** and a thumbs up l^_^l=b
  6. shopboyz - party like a rockstar =] armin van buuren - asot 299
  7. zapp and roger - i can make you dance
  8. boa - do the motion =] does n e body kno is boa really korean or jap??
  9. ayumi hamasaki - heaven, utada hikaru - final distance
  10. all american rejects - move along
  11. Dance Roll Call

    Real name: Ryan Kwok aka (Legend) Type(s) of dancing: ANIMATION!! How long you have been dancing: 2½ years Where you are from: Oakland How you learned: myself and watched some vids, also by memorization How you recommend beginners learn: have good memory and practice, also flexibility is a plus