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  1. SoCal Roll Call!

    There's a spin jam happening at Downtown LA art walk tonight!
  2. SoCal Roll Call!

    Sup! Danny Glowstring/fire poi/yoyo Los Angeles (south bay / Torrance area) Twitter: @DannySimsMusic Facebook:
  3. Hey, you live in Torrance.. I'm pretty much your neighbor! I live in Harbor City :D figured I'd drop you a line and say hi.

  4. Hit me up on Twitter: @DannySimsMusic

  5. Hey it's nice to have more people in San Diego. If you are on face book please add me: Alice Mishima. and please remind me who you are just in case I forget. lol We should deff have SD Meet Ups. =)

  6. ...when you do the three-beat weave with your keys on lanyards =P you also might be a YoYoer if, while glowstring, you pretend you're also doing around-the-worlds or trapezes or double-or-nothings xD