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  1. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Kiba Location: Lees summit/warrensburg MO Style: Stringing
  2. Ruthie is my pet noob *huggles*

    and she is a sexy beast

  3. when you can string while standing ontop of a moving car.....which i witnessed last weekend(they wasnt goin to fast but it was still kewl) see if i can tape him doing it again when you your shoes are held on by duct tape cause the laces have better uses when your parents refuse to let you buy anything but slipons and velcro
  4. Delete Your Account

    see the problem with that is.....when i pressed that button.....a ninja midget droped from the ceiling and smacked me in the head with a dead fish then giggled very evily and disapered back into the ceiling
  5. --When ur neigbors fear for there windows cause of UFGO's (unidentifyed flying glowing objects) --when u buy 5 pairs of shoelaces...and ur shoes are slip ons --when u have so many blisters on ur hands u cant make a fist --when u wake up nearly chocking to death with a shoe lace around ur throat --when u go outside for a quick practice before bed......and when u go inside u realize its time for school --when bordum strikes....anything attatched to a string becomes a fantastic practice item --when ur gf buys ur glowsticks for ur bday --when "because it glows" becomes ur main reason for buying stuff LOL most of these are from personal experiance
  6. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Kiba Location: lee's summit & warrensburg missouri Style: string
  7. Hey all i hope to meet and become friends with as many people as possible. If you wanna chat message me :3 Name:Kiba(real name josh but hates it) Age:17 Gender:male Location:Lee's Summit missouri Interests:anime,music,glowsticks,making videos,friends,reading alot of stuff Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: right now its the twilight series,sci-fi mag,and Fringe Musical Interest: Metal, techno, rock(all variations), trance, electronic, industrial Goal in the next 5 years: go to a few concerts and light shows and get some glow in the dark buddies Goal in the next 20 years: idk What turns you on about the opposite sex: alot of stuff If i had a million dollars I would: buy tons of cosplay gear and glowsticks I am good at: computer stuff School (if applicable): i am currently a sophmore Work (if applicable): unemployed I am on because: i am just getting into glowsticking, and raves....but i have always loved techno and trance music My website/picutures are located:myspace and facebook Describe yourself:about 5'7 or 5'8 long black hair, average body weight, interested in almost everything, easily destracted and loves messing around and having fun What do you do for fun?: hang out with friends, cosplay, listen to music, make vids with friends, just depends on my mood Random fact about yourself: What you did last weekend: went and saw the dark night with a group of friends while dressed in halloween gear What yo do when you go out: its mostly random, just whatever sounds like fun to us at the moment Are you in a relationship?: no Are you looking to be in a relationship?: yes