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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Yo! Long time no see, huh! Man, I miss you guys! There's so much I wanna say! I don't know where to start! XP I wanna post my life story on here but that's how I got in trouble with the admins a while back lol you post too much noob make it shorter Um, basically, I've been trying to make my dreams a reality! I have a new youtube, but I haven't glowstringed in years! >_< I've been really busy and I'm getting ready to leave to the Marines now. I've been a member here since Septemer of '08 and I'm now 20! Gonna be old enough to get drunk in October 1! WOOOOO~!! Anyways, I really do miss this community. Anytime I was feeling lonely or needed advice on anything, I knew I could always count on the forums and all its beautiful people. I got nothing but love for ya and I'll definitely try and get on more and put my hyperactive immature energy into this place! I remember people would always get mad at me for being a n3wb!3 and not posting properly, I'm pretty sure I'll still piss people off, but I don't mean too! X( I'm not exactly sure how forums work, I just post and apparently I break an internet rule. I've experienced a fair amount of things, but there's still so much more science to do. Sorry if this reply is a bit random, but I'm just happy to be back on here and I don't know why! X) Like I said, I've taken a lot of time away from here and I've grown up a bit, but I'm still the same me! So, if you wanna chat just hit me up and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! I'm a nice guy, or at least I try to be. This place has gone through some epic remodeling, guess it's time to update my profile! Thanks for not deleting me! AHHHH I have so much to say! XD So happy!
  2. i kno hot pockets are good mmmmmmmmm hot pockets *smacks himself* but stay on subject you guys -when youve hurt your friend so many times from practicing that everytime he says you with a glowstick he stay 10 ft away from you -when you cant find laces for your glowsticks you steal somebody elses shoelaces of their shoe when theyre not looking -your dreams are about a cool new stringing move ex.a double backflips while doing an orbital XP -instead of nun-chuks you beat up enemy ninjas with your glowsticks -you think indiana jones whip aint got nothing on your sticks -your too busy stringing to reply to this thread
  3. CHIDORI!!!!


  4. when your constantly going to payless or walmart to buy laces for your glowsticks when you take a pair of dead sticks everywhere you go when you use you use your glowsticks as a grapling hook to get stuff, say the remote i would put more but i gotta practice my stringing