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    Youtube videos posted by Glowsticking members. The first one were RG and CynicDave, but you guys have a lot of good vids out there!

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  1. New Wave Here 2 Stay

    Are you still here? I am! Glowsticking for life!
  2. Is anyone still here???

    I have to admit, I have almost forgotten everyone. There are still people here but it's infrequent so you have to be on at the right time. Glowsticking forever!
  3. Everything, lol. For sticking I am learning tosses and the helicopter. For stringing I am working on the basic weave ( 3 beat ) .
  4. Thank you for posting this, I used your guide to place my first order from ExtremeGlow. I might try glow products sometime just see what they are like. Peace!
  5. I missed it, which sounds like a good thing!
  6. Name: John Gooch Age: 39 Gender: Male Location: Denver, CO Interests: Soccer, Snowboarding, Hiking, Music , Glowsticking. Favorite TV show: NA Musical Interest: Electronic/Dance, Metal, Pop, Rock Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate from college, make more money, make more friends! Goal in the next 20 years: By a small island and hold raves there year round. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Great personality. Lol. If i had a million dollars I would: Spend half of it, Long-term invest the other half. I am good at: Computers I am on because: I want to learn glowsticking and POI. Become more engaged in the rave/techno community. Describe yourself: I am like Clark Kent. During the day I sit at a desk and write software, when I leave I become a Soccer player, student ( party! ), or raver. What do you do for fun? Play Soccer or Snowboard. Dancing is fun, too!. Random fact about yourself: I'm almost 40 but hang out with people 18-26. Yeah, it is weird. What you did last weekend: Went to friends Bday party, got drunk and played guitar hero . Play a few games of Soccer, went to my first Rave with my first glowsticks, LED spinner, etc. Made a lot of friends, danced a lot. And tried some new things. Polished it up with laundry, homework, and watching Youtube videos about glowsticking that led me here! What yo do when you go out: Talk, listen to some music, drink?, All of the above! Are you in a relationship? Unfortunately not. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Is the hulk green? Then yes.