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  1. ive been really busy with work man. and im moving back to arlington in like two weeks lol

  2. Southern USA Regional Information Directory

    Is there going to be a meet up in tx for Q2??
  3. Dude lol. That is all so true. I carry my sticks EVERYWHERE!!!
  4. Southern USA Regional Information Directory

    dont forget about shpongle at life in December dude:)
  5. Name:Hunter AKA Whiteman Age:18 Gender:Male Location:arlington TX Interests:poi, cars, and chicks lol Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:Clockwork Orange, car and driver, ncis Musical Interest: Trance, happy hardcore, hardcore, DnB, Basshunter, Tiesto, Goal in the next 5 years:Make lots of Money Goal in the next 20 years:Make even MORE money. LOL What turns you on about the opposite sex:I dont know. Why is the sky blue. If i had a million dollars I would:Make some expensive poi I am good at: working on cars. Talking to people School (if applicable):Graduated Work (if applicable):pep boys I am on glowsticking.com because: meet people with the same interests about the art of poi My website/picutures are located:dont have one Describe yourself: I'm a laid back down to earth guy. i beleive friends are everything. there your family too What do you do for fun? Party Random fact about yourself: have a twin sister What you did last weekend: party What yo do when you go out: party Are you in a relationship? not for the past year and a half Are you looking to be in a relationship? Yea