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  1. Man sorry guys I've been outta the loop for a LONG time lol but I actually started to practice again so you'll see some stuff from me very soon. Me an sparrow and a bunch of other people are gunna session tonight so maybe we will vid some stuff:)
  2. Yea man that would be cool. I picked up my strings today:)
  3. Damm yall are really Driving this stuff kudos. Wish i could string more i havent picked up strings in almost a month now i just dont have the time plus i have some other hobbies that i have been working on. Keep it up though guys the concepts look amazing!!!!
  4. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Hey ryan i live in austin now
  5. LOL im glad i can be that friend hahahaha
  6. Its about time lol sorry for the wait:) hope you enjoy.
  7. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Everyone feel free to txt me. I'm from Arlington but i live in the S.A area now. Add that to Ryan.
  8. Texas Member Contact Thread

    My number is 8304442211 Ryan. Thanks dude
  9. I sent sparrow a one handed concept of mine and it should be up in a few days. I'm really glad to see this thing starting to blow up:) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy
  10. LOL yea i totally ate it going like 30 down a hill on a long board:) But i took the cast off myself becuase it was buggin me. Bout to do the video right now:)
  11. OHHH dude you are gunna dig my concept on that then.... Ive been working on some knarly wraps and weaves with that. Waitong for my tax return to come in to get a camera then i will post some stuff.
  12. I have a feeling that im gunna be on the site ALOT more now:) Yes lets please do were not a bunch of biscuits lololol thanks for bringing that up sparrow
  13. sweet ill go to the channel right now and add it. ill get on my vid here soon.
  14. YESSSSSSSSSS. does it have to be edited though cuz it would get the concept out even if its not/
  15. [quote name='djsparrow' timestamp='1297200805' post='383423' my suggestion is that someone make a YT account with GSC and/or manips in the title; Then once a week the account will have a new video uploaded to it. Only problem is, that whoever wants to take charge of the account will also be responsible for posting the videos, which also entails being online frequent enough to get said films from submitters. or someone make the YT account, and post the first video, then once a week the account info (login info) gets passed on to the next member to post their own video, so as to avoid sending all the footage to one person only to have something come up and the postings get delayed; but this also means we all have to act like adults and not abuse this account with random vids (no pole-guys/gypsies) woo!! I'm excited guys =P See the only problem is that i wouldnt have that much access to a comp. Anyone wanna take a leap for us:) PLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSE My only problem is that i wouldnt be around a comp enough to manage everything.. I could help out as much as i can but is there anyone else who could do this thing for us. The only thing is the first step then after that this is gunna explode i hope:)