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  1. Awesome I'll have to check it out!

  2. Yea, I've never seen nor done it. But it sounds very interesting!

  3. That sounds difficult!

  4. lol yea but I still want to see it.

  5. I mostly do freehand but I can string a bit and I'm not sure what poi is.

  6. Thank you very much!

  7. Koolio...most people either call me Jelly Beans or Sneaks.

    The jelly beans thing is cause I eat jelly beans a lot. lol

    And the Sneaks thing is cause well actually I dunno but yea.

    Nice meeting you!

  8. Hey thanks for the post on my thingy! I appreciate it very much!!! ^.^

  9. What it's true lol ^.^

  10. Yea they're ok but the best is the guy who's playing Emmet! He's cute lol

  11. Hello there! ^.^

    I'm Kay!

  12. It's awesome...everyone is so nice!

  13. I know right! lol

    So are you gonna see the movie?

  14. Thank you very much! ^.^

  15. Well thank you!

    How are you btw?

  16. Yes...well thank you! ^.^

  17. Yea I need Eclipse now I read New moon all day yesterday and finished it!

  18. Yea I love it! I just started on Twilight though.

  19. I've been reading lol.

    I'm glad the school day is almost over though lol.

  20. Well I am still alive! XD

    I'm bored and at school.


  21. Hey person. How's it going?

  22. Hello person. How're you?

  23. Yes, I'm new lol. I was just looking at glowsticking sites and I found this. It's a great site by the way!

  24. Heylo there! ^.^ How're you?