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  1. tain.premo@gmail.com :) thanks a lot and again good work on the collab

  2. wow, nice catch, gotta fix that one :P

  3. if there are shoe strings on your glowsticks O.o (in your pocket)
  4. ok, glowstick explodes in microwave, hot pocket cooked in micrwave, hot pocket tastes like glowstick
  5. ooh man, i used to do that, but after the 2nd time exploding glowsticks in the mircrowave, my dad made me stop.. so when every hot pocket you eat smells, and kinda tastes like exploded glowstick
  6. ooh man so many times, all the local stores around me stopped selling them, so atm i only have one set. no matter what im doing, as soon is i see they are gone, i find them NOW! on the all ways having them on, i do, but worry that someone will think im obsessed/crazy and take them away (dad, friends, principle, ect..) also, when asked: so, what do you do for fun? glowstring... (explain) yea, right, so what else do you do for fun? what else? umm, glowstring.
  7. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Taylor Location: Davenport, IA Style: Strining i guess
  8. Name: Tain Age:15 Gender:male Location:davenport, IA Interests:techno, computers, penspinning, gaming Musical Interest: techno, rock, metal What turns you on about the opposite sex: errm everything? (what i LIKE about the opposite sex: face, kindness, the ability to make me do thinks i would never dream of in a heartbeat) If i had a million dollars I would:buy a warehouse I am good at:penspinning School (if applicable):freshman I am on glowsticking.com because:looked cool, wanted to learn My website/picutures are located: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/Tain666 /facebook/myspace/ just ask Describe yourself:no? What do you do for fun?game, penspin, photoshop Random fact about yourself:i have tiny hands What you did last weekend:slept What yo do when you go out:be bore Are you in a relationship?no Are you looking to be in a relationship? not really, but if you are...