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  1. Glowsticking in College/Public

    basics: don't show the art to random people who won't respect the culture. advanced: too much to go into. basic rule of thumb: if you have ANY doubts of whether or not to crack your sticks, don't, until you no longer doubt.
  2. Glowsticking in College/Public

    double post for a good reason. so, i'm not sure if my point was just proven or debunked. let me finish working it out. That field that I was talking about. when i go outside there I usually go about this time (2:00 AM), but i usually go when im stressed on weekdays, not the weekend. and have never had any issues before besides maybe someone yelling hi or something like that. but of course, there's always a group of drunk girls to go and ruin it. well, i was out there for about 5 minutes when i heard over my headphone music some girls and here come 4 girls running towards me. could smell the alcohol coming off of them. they're all like, "thats so cool, I wanna learn that!" and asking for pictures and stuff. so i put the sticks away for the moment and told them I just do it as a hobby and it's an art form and that i'd rather them not take pictures. we talked for a bit and I told them about this website (they kept saying they wanted to learn and I should teach them, so I said sure, but they had to go to and read about it there first before i would teach them). They said okay but wanted a picture with me and i finally said ok, trying to keep the glowstick out... but after 5 minutes of taking pictures where I purposefully left the glowstick out and then failing to get away from them, I let them have the glowstick in the picture (funnily, my head got cut off). I also managed to slip them a makeshift business card so hopefully when they can't remember what happened tonight and they see the picture, they'll see the paper i gave them and maybe consider looking at that if nothing else. Basically, I feel like a total shithead, especially after posting earlier about how i don't usually get attention there (and that's honestly true, I usually don't). However, again it comes down to circumstance, and in this case, it wasn't what I wanted. I believe I handled it the best I could given the fact I was uncomfortable having 4 drunk girls acting like that around me (not a common occurrence, i assure you!). In any case, I still believe that spot to be okay to string, though it'll be awhile before I use lit sticks there again. Additionally, this same thing could have easily happened down the road a bit at the nearby park as those girls were walking home. So I believe my above point stands, but I now have to add that caution is always necessary. I'm not looking to be told I acted right or wrong, that I shouldn't have gone there or if I should have just been rude and walked away from the girls. I just wanted to share cause liked I said, i feel like shit about what I said above and what now happened. Even though Im still not sure if i'm supporting or arguing the point I made in the last post EDIT: after re-reading my above post and editing a small bit in there, I guess I have to say I still don't know if this experience supports or debunks my last post. It supports in the way that I feel we can't say one place is safe over another if we're basing it on who might think we're showing off. anywhere we go, we could be seen as doing that. on the other hand, it proves that some places are better than others, in certain situations. tonight was a bad one, tomorrow afternoon might be good. So I guess I'm still on the fence of how I feel about what that article is saying. EDIT 2.0: sorry for all this, i'm still digesting what all happened and how i feel it went down. I re-read the article, and my initial feelings of it are still true. But in this situation, i believe I was okay, BASED ON WHAT THAT ARTICLE SAYS. it talks about crowded vs. not crowded areas. so, i would say tonight was not crowded, which would be okay. These girls came up to me and thought it was cool, but probably not that i was showing off (seeing as how there wasn't a crowd or anything). the article then says that we shouldn't be worried about what they think, but what they are thinking when they leave. I said all the good things about glowsticking and even referred them here, so i think it went well. and therefore, could still be a viable place to go and string. that being said, I still probably won't be going back there. kinda killed the mood and ended up being a waste of sticks. so in conclusion, besides just working my thoughts out that I think the situation went as best it could, I still support my first post. I agree there are good and bad places to string, based on how crowded it is. Also, I still feel like even in the "ok" places, you can't tell everyone the good things about glowsticking and they still may assume you're just being a show off or on drugs, even more so than in a more crowded place. people will see you and assume the worst. the example the article uses says that someone saw a news thing and then saw it in real life. the same thing could be said at night in a dark park, but i feel the person would assume even worse, that the glowsticker was on drugs, in a dark park, doing god knows what else. ok, i'm done now. sorry for the rants! I'm not trying to say the article or culture sucks, I'm just expressing my views/questions/experience!
  3. Glowsticking in College/Public

    (I think i caught all of the times i said it, but if I ever said "you" its referring to the article ) I guess I sort of agree with that article and sort of don't. It tells many truths, specifically that you don't want to be doing it where you'll be a nuisance or anything (making others move around you). After posting this thread, I've found what I believe to be "okay" in regards to being around campus and stringing. For instance, i string on my floor all the time; in my room, the hall ways, the study lounge, my friend's rooms. But they all know me and know what it is. In addition, if someone is walking past or needs to study in the study lounge, obviously I'll stop. In terms of walking to class, there are many times (due to my crappy schedule) that I'm walking back to my room or to my class and I only pass someone every few minutes. I'll string as I walk, usually without lit sticks. I'll go behind one of the residence halls some nights and use lit sticks, so the only people who might see me are anyone looking out their window. But there's also an open field in the middle of all the halls that I'll go to and string too late at night. I've also gone out there and hung out with friends during the day. this is a field where people are throwing footballs, frisbee, sunbathing, playing guitar, etc. Everyone who uses it understands we all gotta share, so yeah, I might get in a guy's way if his buddy throws a bad disc, but likewise, he's in mine. and it's all cool. in these cases (maybe not the last one, i added that in when I re-read), I believe I would/my actions would agree with that article. You can argue I'm being a pest to the people on my floor (or the field), but without knowing the situation you can't say I'm wrong But I guess where I have an issue with the article is what if I want to string outside in the sunshine after classes, in the grassy area in front of my residence hall (or that big field). It's not bothering anyone, I don't have lit sticks, but people can see me doing wraps and extensions and stuff when they walk past the sidewalk 20 feet away (or hanging in the grass). The article makes it sound (and I apologize if I'm wrong) like this is the wrong thing to do, just cause they can see me, and *might* think I'm showing off. Likewise, I could go to a park, night or day and people could see me. the article said going to a park or front yard is fine, but if people have the chance of seeing you and *might* think you're showing off or doing it to be cool, then it's a bad idea. So again, I should just do it when absolutely no one, or few people, are around? Then how can it also say we want to spread the art and show others, if we (to be quite frank, what the article says) always have to assume someone could think we're showing off? I believe it said that it doesn't matter if we are trying to or simply doing out hobby, if others think we're showing off. Like i said above, I can avoid the field or in front of my hall and go to a park at 12:00 at night and maybe only see 3 people, but if those 3 people think I'm showing off, I feel that article is saying that's worse than going to the field during the day with unlit sticks (or lit for that matter) and having no one think I am showing off, that I'm just doing my own thing. And I can't say I agree. I can see the counter discussion. More people = more chance of someone taking it as me showing off. and I can agree, and maybe I'm an optimist and didn't know it, but I don't feel like saying everyone I meet is going to. especially in college where I feel the people who just wanna hang out, are gonna be like, "cool, do yo' thang!" sorry if that got any bit confusing. I still fully support making smart decisions about where you glowstick, but that was just my thought process on that article, and posting for the sake of discussion
  4. Glowsticking in College/Public

    mmk, cool. i just wanted to see what people think about this. ive kinda been relaxing about it, mainly around the dorm and such, and its all been cool and stuff. still dont feel comfortable out in the middle of a field with people around and stuff, but thats more my own not wanting to be watched when i string
  5. So, i know there's a huge debate on glowsticking in high school, and i've ALWAYS supported the GSC approach of not doing it. I did it once when i first started out, and I always regret that night at an off-school, school supported dance. I also have always felt strongly about glowsticking in public as well, such as at crowded parks/walking down the road to school, etc; basically areas where the same people at high school dances could be. however, now that im almost done with the first half of my second year at college, i'm wondering if my thoughts are totally correct in the respect of the public eye. All of last year i avoided stringing, even with deads, around other people. I searched for a few places to go out of the public eye (group study rooms, TV lounges when they're empty, a few spots outside behind some of the dorms). and it was alright, i didn't know anyone my first year for quite awhile who did it too so i didn't have a problem just goin out on my own. however, this year, i met 2 guys from Minneapolis who do a bunch of stuff in the dubstep scene. first time i met them, they were right in the middle of an open field here on campus, right in the center of the dorm area (easily within view of everyone who might look out their window). I wasn't sure how i felt about that, but i went and said hi, and we've been hanging out and stringing and i hope to go to my first rave with them sometime (missed out on Basshunter the other week ) anyhow, one thing i noticed about these two is they're much more open about glowsticking. they have been on GSC before, but not a ton, but they do agree that battling sucks, it's an art and shouldn't be done just to show off, etc; many of the ideals that i agree with. but they'll just walk around their floor and string. and it kinda got me thinking how my floormates would react to me just doing it in the halls as I walk around. So I started, and while they all know me for two years now (most of them) and everyone knows about it as a hobby that I practice, I wasn’t surprised people didn’t care either way. But I wondered about stringing as I walked to the gym across the resident hall area on campus. So I tried it, and felt super uncomfortable walking past people. So I stopped, but it got me thinkin about what the culture and people here say about that. Is stringing in public an acceptable thing to do? Whether its walking to class, or just sittin out in an open field at night, or on the empty tennis courts, etc? Any insight is cool! And I just wanna say that I’m not going to take what people say here as an automatic yes or no. If I don’t feel comfortable with something, cause of the culture, then I won’t. its still my decision, im just looking to see what people think
  6. Did you sign up for gmail yet? :)

  7. why arent you on aim?

  8. Complaining? Yeah, not my thing. Things seem to be looking up for me, i just showed my rents a card / 4 A's on it.

    I just reexplained my post on your topic.

  9. pretty good. finishing up some homework but i can't really complain a whole heck of a lot ^_^ you?

  10. Ari, Man. Suo dude? how you doing?

  11. hey man. got any new vids recently? haven't seen much of ya since that LAIC compilation video and would love to see how it's all going!

  12. Word Association

  13. That's an interesting bunny story :3

    I had 3...

    then I was down to 1 and that one ran away about a week ago :[

    I'm having a bunny famine.

  14. bunny.... i know someone who had a bunny. it's name was bunny. thought i'd share that, cause your profile pic reminded me of it.... have a great day! :)