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  1. i just like those strings, and its from the 99 cent store . so a pack for a dollar . its pretty cheap, so i buy a few at one time based on the fear ill never find the same ones again . LOL

  2. 8 Wonders - The Return http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk-cuwYwycA...feature=related This is Armin spinning it at the party I was just at a few weeks ago, kick ass party.
  3. I was doing the Hawaii Meetup! be sure to look out for pics and vid!

  4. Hey, haven't been on Myspace much and haven't seen you on AIM, how have you been gorgeous?

  5. If i don't answer AIM, feel free to text me on my phone, i have free texting too. (813)817-0824

  6. I do indeed! AtrocitysExhibit is the name, lol *go figure*

  7. How have things been bro?

  8. I wish, I really don't know when I will be able to financially afford a trip out there, but I will def. let you know first thing.

    Do you ever go on AIM?

  9. I will make love muffins just for you!! I thought it'd be cute if I made muffins with hearts in icing on them for EDC XD You should come so you can get one!!

  10. Yea i am occasionally but usually on my phone so if i don't answer its cause my phone didn't make any noise telling me i was IMed. It's AmikoTorin

  11. Whats up...

    Are you ever on AIM???