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  1. -When you are to broke to buy new laces so you borrow the one's in your shoes that you wear to the party =P
  2. Name:Chris aka Ringo! Age:18 Gender:Male Location:Seattle, WA Interests:Spinning, Music, Singing, Dancing, Movies, Guitar, Friends, Raving Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:Book: Marvel Civil War/ Magazine: Guitar World/ TV Show: Metalocalypse. Musical Interest:I can sit down listen to and enjoy just about everything. Goal in the next 5 years:Finnish College Goal in the next 20 years:Get into architecture or Interpreting If i had a million dollars I would: Invest it I am good at:Guitar and I like to think for only spinning for two months that I'm good at that too. School (if applicable): Shorline Community College Work (if applicable): Sears I am on glowsticking.com because: I want to meet other people who spin as well as learn new tricks and techniques. My website/pictures are located: My myspace or my plurspace Describe yourself:Happy outgoing practical and fun loving. What do you do for fun? Spin and play guitar. I also do the regular stuff like hangout with friends and watch movies and stuff like that. Random fact about yourself: I've been shaving my face, since the sixth grade=] Are you in a relationship?Happily yes=]