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    GLOWSTICKING!!! my gurl, music, friends, guitar, and just going out and doing stuff.

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  1. well then im a stringer. not nearly as much of one as i used to be tho, which is good grande wise. but yeah glowsticking chopped is trippy as hell!
  2. you know your a stringer when you try to teach your dog
  3. hey i heard you posted a video of making stars with glowstringing. i can do that too but i was just wonder if there is anything else you can do with that, like other shapes or letters or something. have you found out anything else you can do with that?

  4. Name: Devon Roepke Age: 16 Gender: male Location: Minneapolis, MN Interests: GLOWSTICKING!!! guitar, videogames, my girl, and chillin with friends Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: dont read, family guy! Musical Interest: rap, rock, techno. Goal in the next 5 years: be in college Goal in the next 20 years: have a career that i enjoy What turns you on about the opposite sex: what doesnt? If i had a million dollars I would: buy a lot of glowsticks!!! I am good at: glowsticking and videogames. (and sex) School (if applicable): Columbia Heights HS Work (if applicable): none I am on because: i love glowsticking! My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: i am a fun guy to chill with. talk to me. you wont be dissapointed. What do you do for fun? glowstick and just chill with people Random fact about yourself: i dont wear flip flops What you did last weekend: slept at my girls and partayed! What yo do when you go out: party Are you in a relationship? yup Are you looking to be in a relationship? already am