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    i am probably the most open minded guy alive, i love to learn from all forms of life<br /><br />Music: i can listen to anything in any language and still love it all the same, from rap - country, oldies - kpop and jpop, classical - techno, music is music, as long as you can dance to it or feel the message behind it, its all good.<br /><br />Movies: ALL TIME FAV IS GREASE! but i love comedies, chick flicks, horror, suspense, asian, all kinds =)<br /><br />My Hobbies: dancing, soccer, bowling, watching anime, martial arts, parkour (freerunning), gymnastics, and gaming.<br /><br />Gaming: im a pro FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS for counter strike source, call of duty 4, team fortress 2, you name it. Rhythm games include Pump It Up, Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, Poppin Music, Beatmania. FIGHTERS include Soul Caliber, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and various imported japanese fighters<br /><br />Dancing Styles: Poppin, Lockin, Breakin, Hip Hop, Krump, Bokko, Jumpstyle, Ballroom, Tuttin, and Freehand glowsticking

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    searched out some glowsticking vids on youtube, they advertised the site
  1. hey kay, how ya been??? catch me on aim sumtime, sn: monkeyxnooodle

  2. wen you pull out your strings and people call you a "raver" wen you see sumthing shining and imagine how it would look spinning