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  1. Yori's Room

    anybody going to see ferry at the nokia theater this coming friday?
  2. Nothing much, just kicking it, you?

  3. Yori's Room

    armin, april 2nd. awesome =]
  4. yeah. weekend time ^___^

  5. dunno bmfk or something like that. it was a rave for sure.

  6. lol well Saturday there is an event but i don't know too much about it. If you wanna come down Saturday i can call some of the guys so we can hang out.

  7. yeah lol i actually did fall asleep for a few stops then headed to work finally got home to sleep at midnight lol

  8. Yori's Room

    you sir are awesome, gotta see that movie.
  9. Yori's Room

    WaW is better. MW2 is fun though. Nazi zombies ftw Also, i do wanna see the cup of tears. sick samurai action =]
  10. you should make some more tech-poi tutorials =]

  11. How many days in a row can you post?

    thats awesome
  12. im good, just dealing with school and stuff. i picked up handles a while back, how is your stringing coming along?

  13. hey man, whats new? how did the collab come out?

  14. cool, i missed the candyball over the summer and regret it. so guess i still got till saturday night to think about that

  15. nah idk wether to go to candyball or above and beyond lol

  16. ahh damn

    i had a feeling something like that was gonna happen >___<

  17. cool, so have you decided whether you're gonna be a freehander or stringer?

  18. thats cool. you going to above and beyond?

  19. yeah, i remember you. saw you in teh video also. when did you start stringing?

  20. werent you at the last glowshop?

  21. hi, glad you enjoyed the glowshop.

  22. Yori's Room

    If anybody hasnt bought tickets for the Electric zoo festival and dont want to pay 70$ dollars for a day or 130$ dollars, when you go to the electric zoo site use the promo code EZNY and you can get a day pass for 45$ or a weekend pass for 80$. its a 50 dollar reduction for the weekend so take advantage if you can. =]
  23. Yori's Room

    im not going to the zoo like i wanted. =[ im mostly wasting my money buying school stuff and a few other things. But i'll be going to the new york anime fest if anyone is going.