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  1. Pshhhh, nah. It's a community, not a covert ops base. We have a great coffee machine, though. It'

  2. I've always wondered what people talk about in there. I bet there are tons of secrets.

    And I bet you can find out things about everybody.

  3. But that's over a long-ish period of time, haha. The staff section is decorated with sparkly pink elephants. ...Nah, it's just a forum. :P

  4. wow, thats a lot. I dont think most people get that many views in 3 months. Im just glad that people liked my video :)

    So is there anything cool in the staff section? Ive always wondered. lol

  5. That's a good amount, considering it was posted merely over a month ago. The only full vid I've uploaded has 1500 views over three months. :)

  6. 939. So kind of but not really. I guess a lot of people have seen it.

  7. It's a commitment, but I'm happy to make it. It's definitely more a labor of love than for any benefits. Fair enough-- your original video's already pretty popular, and I understand wanting to make more progress. Has it gotten lots of views? :P

  8. I want to film again. I just have to practice first. I dont want to put out another video again so soon.

    Being a staff member must have benefits. It would sure be cool to tell people. But I heard it was a lot of work.

  9. Very cool, and I'm euphorically glad to keep supporting GSC. Taught poi to a few people at my college here today & spread the knowledge of glowsticking! People here are a bit skeptical of it but being GSC staff is a good legitimacy claim. No hazing, but I expect some eventually. :P What are you up to? Going to film some more?

  10. Thanks <333 :)

    So is it cool being a staff member so far?

    Have the older staff members been hazing you?

  11. You're fantastic. :) I see your comments around GSC YouTube videos, defending the culture. Props and much love! <3