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  1. I am getting there. Just now working on tosses hardcore. I would say I am about to shake the newbie status.

  2. Pretty good. I plan on posting some vid somewhere around the beginning of Dec. when I have more time. School is keeping me VERY busy. I have all the basics down and am starting to (sort of) figure out my style. I am sure it would happen more easily if I had more than a few hours a week to put into it but... sigh.

    I have been working on tosses and still have a long way to go

  3. hey hey

    so how are you doing? how's the glowsticking coming along?

  4. While you were doing your thing I was doing mine and it appears that we are doing very similar things (only you are doing it better:). Ran across your LED vids today and LOVEd it. What you are doing is where I have envisioned myself being in a year or so. Great minds think alike...


    A fan