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    hmmm...<br />CARS, guys, gals, biking, SINGING, DANCING, acting, teching, off-roading, swimming, glowsticking, racing, sketching, laughing, pranking, surfing, skinny dipping, ddr...<br /><br />Pretty social. *shrugs* I like hangin' out with friends. Driving around. Looking at bright and shiny objects. Talking. Drawing. I live for the theatre, my friends, and the happiness of everone around me. <br /><br />If you have gotten the gold at the end of the rainbow, touched a unicorn, or swam to the bottom of the pacific. I'm interested!!

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    Ange got me to join eons ago. used to be a member, then it changed. Had to get a new account. Heh, it's been a while.
  1. hi :)

    What part of cali are you from?

  2. excited for tmrw nite?

    I am

  3. Yup, we're LA.

    Glad to have your support. We got a huge event in the works, but its in the early stages.

  4. Just curious, where abouts are you in the US? If you guys are in Cali, I'd be stoked to promote for something you'd throw. You've got alot of our support.

  5. no problem yo hope you enjoyed it ^^

  6. yo yo yo happy birthday!

  7. holy shit .. look at that gun

  8. Hiya! 8'D Nice to see more girls on Gs.c. xD Welcome! :' )

  9. Why hello there, how are you?

  10. Oh hey, I didn't think you'd actually be posting.

    Careful not to let it consume your life now, lol.

  11. Holey crap. I had almost forgotten that I had this account...and then you friended me. WTF.

    And you would wear something like that while holding a gun. Tard. :)