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  1. yo merlin i was able to add your aim, i got my freehand collab and aqua collab footage i gotta send over

  2. not sure if u remember me i met u with willmer a tivy its me twitchy

  3. lol if you want some help then go to Ultimate they have the best tab,chords,lessons, this really helpped me when i started, i hope it helps u =]

  4. Thanks man, I hope! I wana jam out like TODAY!!! I WANT SKILL TRANSFER! lol

  5. lol well i have been playing longer, but the guitar is something u pick up on, like i caught on fast and from the look of ur videos i think u will 2

  6. You just kick my ass in guitar knowledge lol

  7. Scars On Broadway- They Say,

    Lifehouse- Hanging By A Moment

    Bloodhound Gang- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo,

    and acouple of beginner songs

  8. i use tabs, i can teach u if you want?

  9. i play acoustic and

    electric guitar, and i know acouple songs but i don't know them bt heart, do you use tabs or chords?