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  1. Wow... Haven't been on here in FOREVER! *goes and looks through the forums*

  2. Hey-how you been?

  3. I got really busy this weekend. And I have a kid so it depends on whether she feels like sleeping lol.

  4. Are you ever on MSN? I tried adding you, but you haven't been online at all.

  5. Yeah sure I'll be your friend. =)

  6. Aww, you don't have any comments yet. :< Would you like to be my friend? :3

  7. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Chloe' Location: Pierre, SD Style: Freehand and String
  8. Name:Chloe' Age:17 Gender:Female Location:Pierre, SD, USA What turns you on about the opposite sex:Im bi-...so yeah If i had a million dollars I would:use it for college and to support my child I am good at:math School (if applicable):TF Riggs High Work (if applicable):looking... Describe yourself: Brunette w/ red tint, 5'4"-ish, average size, Easy to get along with if you dont make me mad What do you do for fun? Music, hang with friends, kayak/swim in the river What you do when you go out:Glowstick, walk on La Framboise, other Are you in a relationship?complicated