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  1. Where are they now.

    Not much dude. Hows the florida life treating you? Crash any more cars?
  2. Where are they now.

    Those are some names I haven't seen in a while. damn.
  3. Unfortunately school and the job and the so and life gets in the way of a lot of things. I haven't actively committed to getting better and learning new things since maybe '09/'10. I still pick up the sticks, but honestly things are a little too busy and other aspects of life are a lot more important right now.
  4. How many days in a row can you post?

    1! i think thats about as far as i will get in this
  5. wows. jack of all trades no doubt.
  6. isn't got glow 50 years old or something like that? pretty old imo
  7. all i nnned to sayy!

    or, what you could do is look in the regional forums (Regional Information) for people in your area, and get a meetup going.
  8. 360 pirouettes or whatever they are called, and its about time too
  9. when you take glowsticks, and attach them to strings. amiright???? and then you make really cools circles with the glowsticks that you recently attached to the strings. quite possibly.