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  1. For anyone who still logs on here, there is a glowsticking meetup in Concord tonight! Message me for details! Hope to see y'all there! Peace, -Clutch
  2. Got to practice with Mike, Jung, Jeff, and Rob Pan a couple days back. It was epic. The next day some girl started hitting on Mike while he was teaching me some gritting when we were riding the MUNI on our way to pier 39. Now I'm trying incorporating some gritting and pinballing into my freehand flow too, kinda choppy though.
  3. One thing I like to do is always have at least a pair, if not two, sometimes even three pairs of dead cyalume sticks on me at all times. It really helps when I'm bored waiting for the bus or subway. Little 5-10 minute practice sessions before school or work always makes my day worthwhile. Plus, practicing with cyalume sticks all the time helps with getting used to the weight since they tend to be bottom heavy compared to GL ultras which are a little more evenly weighted. Through my own experience I've come to learn that weight is everything when freehanding, hence why I'm so anti flowlights. Another helpful tip I've come across when it comes to practice sticks is if you tape dead cyalume's with a bright colored masking tape (i.e. blue, neon green or orange masking tape) they're a little more visible. UV tapes is actually preferred but masking or duct tape works as well. Plus they make for great party favors or gifts for friends at meet up's. I tossed a couple pairs to Kegan and Chi at the last Norcal SF meet up I threw, and that seriously was a special moment for me since they traveled all the way from SD to SF. That was my little way of saying 'thanks' to fellow gsc members I run into since I can't always toss everyone live sticks to play with, although I wish I could. It makes for a nice memento for people to remember a great time and I hope it helps inspire others with their glowsticking since I've learned through experience that glowstickers feed of of other glowstickers. The the concepts that TK is exploring with especially the concept of freehanding without glowsticks (I've actually have done it and still do occasionally) really are helpful but nothing ever beats practicing with other glowstickers, esp. other freehanders. After freehandng for almost two years alone, and throwing two meetups within a period of three weeks, I can say that my freehanding has gotten ridiculously better just from sessions with guys like Jeff, Rob, Ryan, and Jung. My take on freehanding is that if you really want to get good at it, you can't just practice it, you have to experience it. Take the trip to other places of the world and meet other freehanders. Wisdom trumps talent every time and by embarking on this wonderful journey to meet other people from different lands not only are you expanding your freehanding experience, your life experience grows as well. Everything is connected, it just depend on whether or not you want to open your eyes and see the patterns. There is no such thing as coincidence because I firmly believe that it was fate that I crossed paths with GSC two years ago at AX and ever since then glowsticks have been the light in my dark world. Light is very simple, alone it shines to dispel the darkness around it, but when brought together it burns brightly for all the world to see. That's why I'm planning a trip to NYC and hopefully I'll get to make it out to the East Coast Spring Break meet up in April 2011. TK, I'd love to have a session with you and all the other NYC/East Coast GSC people in your own element after hearing all the stories from Jeff after his NYC trip a month back. Sorry for the long rant. -Clutch
  4. Recently my in my latest practice sessions, I've been trying to focus mainly on mindgames as well as four stick and three stick concepts. Kinda hard, but I've been recently inspired by meeting more fellow freehanders. Also, after seeing your 11month compilation vid TK, I'm trying to mess around with moves that involve hats as well.
  5. Sweet! Definitely need to session together at LoveFest 09 then. Hope to see you there!

  6. Hey thanks for the comment I've been freehanding for a little over 1 year and a half im gonna be heading up to norcal for san fran Love evo you should definitely hit that up if you can.

  7. Hey bro, how are you doing?

  8. Hey Cody, how'd the meet up at Treasure Island go? Any chance to meet up and kick it?

  9. Sick profile picture. I want to get the Obi-wan lightsaber, let's ahve a duel, lol!

    Are you going to Lovefest this year? I wanted to go session with you, after seeing last years performance, your stringing amazes me!

  10. Sup jeff, how you doing?

  11. lol, well if you ever make it to the other side, hit me up so we can meet up and session!

  12. Great freehanding vid you posted up. Makes me wish I went to EDC to join in all the fun.

    If you are ever in SF or the bay area please hit me up. I'm always looking for sick freehanders to gain some inspiration.

    btw, how long have you been freehanding for?

  13. tht'd b straight, but im on the other side of the country xD

  14. Totally feeling your personal statement. on your profile

    If you're ever in the bay area or sf hit me up and lets have a meet up or something. Take care and peace!

  15. Good to see you again at the After Party! Hopefully you'll be able to come down to SoCal again for some of the events coming up.