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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Name: Shenali//Pixie Age:17; 18 [in August] Gender: Female Location:California, Granada Hills Interests: ..um aha many things Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: n/a Musical Interest: open to anything pretty much Goal in the next 5 years: finish school an all that good stuff Goal in the next 20 years: ...hmm nope i'll just go with the flow of life What turns you on about the opposite sex: sence of humor.. i guess idk depends ha If i had a million dollars I would: save some, spend some I am good at: anything having to do with music and art School (if applicable): eh.. ask Work (if applicable): student status.. I am on glowsticking.com because: I want to be... My website/pictures are located: ..the usual myspace//facebook Describe yourself: crazy, fun and short haha ..shy at times What do you do for fun? blast music and dance... woo! Random fact about yourself: I sometimes spaz... What you did last weekend: ...technically last weekend was edc.. more recent AX What you do when you go out: party.. usually Are you in a relationship? no... Are you looking to be in a relationship? not opposed to it