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    I was interested after going to EDC so I'm now getting into it.
  1. dude happy birthday! i didnt know we had the same birthday haha.

  2. LOL wednesday is the only weekday I have off )=

  3. danika! we need to hang out.. call me this week, sometime besides wednesday :o

  4. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!1

  5. NOCTURNAL!!!!! the epic night awaits us.

  6. hey welcome to gsc. read your post and im from west coast area. lookin forward to meeting you at a meet-up when you come to cali. :P or i'll even see you at a party. who knows hit me up if you need any help freehanding if you are a freehander that is :P

  7. off the hook last night!

  8. what saturday? jujubeats? no money.. im saving for nocturnal. i got 100 bucks to last me till the end of the month.

  9. Hi. Nice to meet you! Thanks for your help with the heli toss and foot stall/kick!!!

  10. good work youngster, hope to see you saturday

  11. hey good meet up man. nice chillin wit chu

  12. im glad as well. i'm sending you some points as a welcome to the site. as jun0 would say... mad skillz

  13. Fine. Log off AIM. See if i care. jerkface.

  14. for sure man, hey let me get that link

  15. Hahah sup joey.

    Friken crazy freehander in your first two weeks hahah.

    OC meetup was fun. I'm at work right now but i'll post the pictures up on photobucket tonight so you can have all them.