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  1. Name: Brandon Age: 27 (I know... I'm an old man) Gender: Male Location: Everett, Wa Interests: Glowsticking(duh), Psychology, Business, Philosophy, History, Electronic Music, Your mom (ha!) Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Snow Crash, A fire upon the deep, Book of the Law, Full-Time Killer Musical Interest: Trancecore, UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hard House, DnB, Trance, and DownTempo Goal in the next 5 years: Get the hell out of Everett and go back to school to finish my BA. Goal in the next 20 years: Build a solid social network, a good financial system to prepare for retirement, visit England and Japan, build an army of killer cyborgs to do my bidding... What turns you on about the opposite sex: There's an opposite sex? If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a million lottery tickets like a genius! I am good at: giving sarcrastic, unenthusiastic responses to questions like this... School (if applicable): none yet Work (if applicable): Quality Inspection and Supply Chain Management I am on glowsticking.com because: One night I bought some glowsticks for $2 on a whim and... I was just hooked right away. Had to find out more about it and so here I am! My website/picutures are located: my myspace Describe yourself: I'm a lot like Brad Pitt... only not handsome, charming, rich, or successful... What do you do for fun? Glowsticking, Listen to Music, go to the gym Random fact about yourself: My worst fear as a teenager was being abducted by aliens (no joke) What you did last weekend: Practiced Freehand, went to the gym, got groceries... very boring What yo do when you go out: Attack orphans with my glowstick batons! Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? Not right now... mebs in 6 months or so.