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    I friend sent me a link of a glowstringing video on youtube and I saw the glowsticking.com videos and decided to check it out...and here I am now :]
  2. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I don't see you putting any effort into it.
  3. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for not banning someone before commenting.
  4. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because no one forces you...you just choose to go even though you seem not to happy about it.
  5. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because you shouldnt be so rude to people and tell them to stfu.
  6. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for making the stupidest ban ever.
  7. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I'm not lost. I know exactly where I am. I'm in the sandbox.
  8. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for failing to realize that this is text not words coming from my mouth.
  9. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because you should know that in today's society someone can't go untalked about.
  10. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I agree :]
  11. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because you care about what the topic is...
  12. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I'm confused too... I see no letter A in the whole word of pointin'.
  13. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for having a dirty mind and picking out the word sex from sexist.
  14. !!!!Banned!!!!

    banned for being sexist.
  15. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I've had Day 'N' Night (Crookers Remix) - Kid Cudi Stuck in my head for 5 days now. >_> ...FIVE...DAYS...