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  1. haha, thanks for the points! :P but it's only my pleasure to help represent GSC girls!

  2. lol, thanks again... but yeah, if you need the points back, just ask :P

    *I actually have more points in the bank :)

  3. oops, I typed in an extra 0 when donating points. but you can keep it either way since I wouldn't know what to do with the points.

  4. we'll definitely chill sometime this summer! ^.^

  5. dude, you definitely gotta join us up for future meetups...

    bring your lady along too, if you like :)

  6. we'll see how things turn out in the future :P

  7. don't feel bad. I had experience with events where I didn't like the music much but it never stopped me from going. ^.^

  8. Oooh interesting. And yeah I know what you mean. :\

  9. very wise missy. I got this screen name because I always loved the scene but apparently the scene have been dying out over the years.

  10. Necro = dead. interesting name. I like it!

  11. i can see u from my laptop ^.^

  12. hi thanks for the warm welcome!