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    My kids, my wife, my friends, etc. Im a big movie lover, but Im darn picky about music. When I get into reading novels I go through about four or so then I dont read again for a few months. Love video games Im afraid and am probably more knowladgeable about them than I should be. I would be interested in politics more but every time I start paying attention to them I get cranky. I dig good solid people. I just find they are a rarity and like anything rare, they should be treasured. Other than that, I like sci fi stuff, not the channel necessarily, telling clever jokes, and probably above all philosophizing....about things and such.

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    A good buddy o mine is very active here and has been for some time. He's been trying to light a fire under me to get me into glowsticking in some form or another for a very long time. My wife has recently joined as well, so now I have two very important people in my life trying to persuade me to get into it. Therefore, here I be.

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  1. You're an f-ing sexy bitch! I love you my darling!