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  1. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    This! I'm still here too... >.> Ideas for GSC: - FB, IG, Twitter needs an active poster. I think expanding to music content/reviews on top of the normal glowsticking posts would help attract traffic. I can volunteer for Twitter and coordinate with Zin/whoever else would want to share content or actively post. - Aside from Glowsticking, incorporate Flow art and Hooping too. Hooping has grown so much over the past few years. I remember when I was trying to learn it over 5 years ago, there weren't very many websites or youtube videos but now there are fitness classes and a large meet-up community for that. I've been a part of a few facebook groups from other hooping communities since way back then but I still haven't physically gone to any meet-ups because I've ironically been afraid of meeting people outside of GSC LOL. - Hooping (re-iterating this one lol) - post tutorials of this one (= and host GSC/Hooping/Flow meets. - Start a Meet-up group on meetup.com for GSC if we don't already have one. I actually had no idea this site existed til my cousin told me she goes to "geek meets" with other anime/gamers she meets online there every weekend. I'm rusty on my coding but I'd love to get back into it or learn. I'm a quick learner. If it's anything excel/scripting I'm super savvy lol so other launguages shouldn't be too hard for me to pick up. I've used HTML/CSS/PHP/WordPress in the past--just need a refresher from a good mentor *coughZin?cough* I always loved the random section of the boards (though I know that doesn't help with staying on topic lol)...maybe have more krafty/artsy stuff like we used to once people start posting again? Can't think of anything else right now cause I'm a tad distracted but will post when I remember haha. Sorry I'm all over the place lols.
  2. Hey Everyone, There's a new board up and running now specifically for parties and events going on in your respective regions, so everyone, please post up info on those boards instead of the main regional boards (= Post parties HERE Current parties and events that are already posted will not be moved as to steer away from confusion and chaos, but any future events posted on the main regional board will be moved to the parties thread. Also, Meet-up threads are still to be posted in the main regional forum, just like it has been done before. If you have any questions about where to post something, don't hesitate to send me a PM or IM, my contact info is in my signature. Thanks everyone =D
  3. >.> Sorry about that... LINKS HAVE NOW BEEN UPDATED! ^___^
  4. jarvis, coaty, maher, krucli, and some other dude thats new and idk his name... his class is in the forum and extremely boring

  5. The boring classes... ]= gen ed stuff. history, psci, speech, eng, psych

  6. hey! I don't know if you're still active here but I did end up transferring to OCC lol. Just dropping by to say hi

  7. Maybe lol. We shall seeee

  8. ohai dave. *is a little late*
  9. Blaow. Yeah. I said Blaow. So what?

  10. I just discovered the Award tab on your profile and gave you an award d=

  11. Yori's Room

  12. Yori's Room

    I'm going to invade the east in a few weeks.
  13. yup its an awesome song

  14. Yori's Room

  15. Yori's Room

    you too! when I think about either of you guys I just wanna eat food over there with you guys again LOL. mmm quail egg... Too bad we dont have anything that cool over here.... or I don't know about it or we'd go when you guys are here.
  16. Yori's Room

    Sooo... I really want some fried chicken skins thanks to Rai. and fries with mexican ketchup.
  17. Yori's Room

    I so predicted that.
  18. but why didn't you come over to the rest of the gscers?! d=
  19. Norcal is a whole different continent from socal.
  20. I just think the scene in cali is really shitty. They should just make events 18+ and 21+ and bring back the vibe. In NY when I went to EZF everyone looked well over 21 and every had alcohol bands and there werent any prostitots or anything obscene going on like here in cali. We even saw women in their late 40s dancing like it was woodstock. Our scene here just sucks. you should NEVER be too old to go to a party. I'll be going to parties til im dead thank you very much and there's nothing you can say that will stop me. The "rave" label is over-rated. Bring back the lovely music festivals please. Yes. I'm shitting on the Cali scene. and fuck anyone that says theres an age limit on having a good time (except if you're a prostitot. Sorry go away and get aids elsewhere don't taint my bubble).