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  1. jarvis, coaty, maher, krucli, and some other dude thats new and idk his name... his class is in the forum and extremely boring

  2. The boring classes... ]= gen ed stuff. history, psci, speech, eng, psych

  3. hey! I don't know if you're still active here but I did end up transferring to OCC lol. Just dropping by to say hi

  4. Maybe lol. We shall seeee

  5. Blaow. Yeah. I said Blaow. So what?

  6. I just discovered the Award tab on your profile and gave you an award d=

  7. yup its an awesome song

  8. Welcome again! Hope to see ya posting more ^_^

  9. that pic of you guys ober dere <------ makes me smile lol.

  10. Hi there fellow female sticker (=

  11. lol what the hell

  12. hiya (= welcome again and I hope to see ya posting more.

  13. eww lol. calculus x=

  14. how's occ? I've been thinking about transferring there lol. Its closer.

  15. and of course I'm going to edc, you're crazy! lol

  16. I go to cypress college lol

  17. wow you're the second gscer I just found out lives in westminster. I've never met either of you either I think.

  18. I just found out you live in westminster o.o I live in westminster too! whereabouts in westminster are ya?

  19. Lol no I'm not, but thank you (=