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  1. Hello!! I get the first comment!!

  2. Im also working on variations of the crosser. I have the basic down but am trying to get into it with a weave.
  3. btb weave, straight jackets, and perfect my orbitals:)
  4. ha this should be under very important topics every glowsticker needs their gear
  5. Name:Brandon Baum Age:16 Gender:male Location: Ohio Interests: video games and of course glowstringing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: the hunger games/dont read magazines/ dont watch much tv. Musical Interest: trance is the best music ever created. in my opinion of course Goal in the next 5 years: be in college. Goal in the next 20 years: speak chinese fluently and be an effective translater. What turns you on about the opposite sex: i need a person that is clean haha If i had a million dollars I would: by a house car and a synthesizer. I am good at: video games ( sorta lame i know) School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): Mcdonalds haha im only 16 I am on because: i want to become part of a growing community of people who have simialer intrests as i do. My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: i like the water. im afraid of hieghts(common) and open spaces(uncommon). What do you do for fun? hang out with freinds. Random fact about yourself: i like cold wethear better than hot. What you did last weekend: went to tennessee for christmas What yo do when you go out: im up for anything my freinds want to do. Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? not really