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  1. is loving the new gsc =]

  2. dude your one handed work is sick. that shit looked like a solid stick at times. your "new camera" movie is awesome

  3. yesss! metalgearraver

  4. about 3 or 4 days

  5. how long does it take to arrive? lets say i order today around 12pm-2pm, how long do you think it would take for the sticks to arrive to my house?

  6. extreme glow.com its good sticks and cheap!

  7. where do u get ur sticks from dude?

  8. i got a good 4 months into it, wish i had longer though lol

  9. like a good year and a half and you?

  10. cool, how long have you been stringing dude?

  11. yeahh im editing it right now

  12. dude ur signiture is huge...make it smaller.

  13. yeahh mann ill see u theree

  14. yes sirrr, u coming down from sleepy hollow?