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  1. when u go to moe's u buy 6 pairs of shoe laces so u have back-up strings if they snap you can trim ure strings to the perfect length every time. you know how to make your string silky smooth 5 minutes after u just cut them down when walking home from a party the cops throw u against a wall and say "where are the nun chucks u just had?!"
  2. yea im back with the right attitude. lets just make this fun.
  3. Name: Teddy Glow Age:19 soon to be 20 Gender:Male Location:Astoria Interests: DJing, Glowsticking and Dancing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:that 70's show and king of the hill Musical Interest: harder styles of techno Goal in the next 5 years: have a well paying job and have a name in the music industry Goal in the next 20 years: be married and have some kids What turns you on about the opposite sex: BOOTY!!!! lol If i had a million dollars I would: put 1/2 in a money market and use the other half to buy a few things I am good at: EVERYTHING lol. djing, glowstringing, computers and more stuff thats not that important School (if applicable): NetCom Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because i learned the hard way crews and battles do have a negative outcome. i spoke to cleric and he said im welcome back so i jumped on the opportunity. i just wanna string and not have to wrry about judgement. the stringers of astoria crew is no longer alive and i have not felt the same about stringign ever since. even though i know im not supposed to talk about crews and all that but i need to say what has to be said so the new kids understand. the whole battle/crew side of glowsticking was a HUGE part of how i became the glowstringer that i am today. i refuse to take down any videos of me battling or the soa crew because people learn off of those videos daily. battles were the way i learned, it forced me to be creative, it forced me to get good fast, the problem with battle stringers is that you burn out way to fast. you just want to not do it because you stop having fun. i have learned the hard way but i learned, i loved having all that attention on me at a party when i would break ultras out on some kid and make him put his strings in his pocket but when i now think about it, he probably doesnt wanna do it anymore because of that. it kills the culture of it, we r supposed to teach people, not make them stop. i have learned my lesson and i am not battling/repping a crew anymore. i just want to have fun the way i used to, look foward to hanging out with people that are interested in glowsticks and just have fun. this is what this is all about, having fun i appologize to any of you that i beefed with or said stupid shit to. it was childish of me and i was pretty much ego-trippin. (not to sound cocky) you all seen i got good at a pretty fast rate and i was being a show off getting all this attention and all this crap and i let it get to my head. plain and simple i learned what i did, i do not regret the whole battle and crew thing because it made me the stringer that i am today, im a newyork stringer with a bit of s.a flavor. all in all battling will hurt you, you will not have any1 to string with, you will ;oose interest, noone will wanna string with you, you will stop having fun and you will just fade away. i dont battle anymore bacause of all the negative outcomes. its not worth it, just practice as hard as you can to that 1 song that gives u goose bumps and just bring the positive vibe that you gsc'ers give off. My website/picutures are located:www.teddyglow.com www.myspace.com/dunnourl Are you in a relationship? yes i currently am in a relationship