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  1. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    yo rage tahts a horrible tutoriial
  2. jsdhfajshdfjasdfjbsafhasufeh


  3. illyy 2 babyy ama practice till thursdayy with kenny. i cant wait to see u thursday too amor.


  4. babbyyy ily. get your glowstick skills down. i cant wait to see you thursday :]

  5. Bone thugs - First of the month. wake up wake up wake up , its the first of the monthhhh.
  6. Comedy CEntral - Stephen Colbert - The Colbert Report lol
  7. que pasa-tom sawyer.
  8. became a GSC member on my birthday!

  9. yo! so do i know u or wut?

  10. get high like planes ;] hahah that sounds awesome, and she hott
  11. deep dish - P.A.T.T. im definitely in the mood to party and string with bassss flowing through me :]
  12. lil wayne vs andre 3030 - walk it out remix lol granddaddy purp or bubble kush crushaaahh