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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Resurfacing. NYC is alive, just crotchety & jaded. The EDM scene as we knew it has kinda gone under around here-- lately the only time I've broken out sticks or poi or anything is burner parties, where people are still reasonably chill.
  2. Started 4 years ago, but I haven't truly advanced in 1.5-2 years or so. Holy FUCK it's my 4th GSC-versary tomorrow. Time fuckin' flies.
  3. Not Enough Interaction!

    I agree. I'd be down...if I ever find my missing string. How the hell do I lose one string?
  4. Yori's Room

    same. I'll always come out to meetups, 'cept the last one happened when I was out of the state, and it looks like the next one is gonna get planned straight in the middle of a final I have... (yep, weekend finals, bite me) excuses, I know. but what you said is 100% true. The EC vets are vets for a reason-- it's been 6-10 years for most of y'all and there should be a new wave of people by now. But everyone's trailed off & faded out. Real life sidetracked us all. I know for a fact that I have neither the skill/focus/time (and chances are I'm leaving the area, if not the whole EC, within 5 to 10 months) to ever have grabbed the torch, but I'm still loyal & will be around, wherever I go.
  5. Yori's Room

    pretty much. it's all of GSC, really-- I check a couple of times a week & there are maybe 5 posts a day on average. we all got eaten by real life, and now you're NOT HERE </3 hope you're getting settled in okay, though!
  6. first off: DON'T FEEL BAD about your ability!! I see people who've been stringing for 6 months who know more moves (I'm not going to say "they're better than me" because comparing ability that way is completely subjective!) than me, and technically I've been stringing for over 3 years-- but I practice...once a week at most. at MOST. hahaha. And out of everything I know, I learned most of it in the first 6 months I was stringing, pushing myself and seeing people progress so quickly during their first few months, like you-- but eventually you learn to take it easy, stop comparing yourself to other people, & just go with it!
  7. *facepalms elsewhere (not you, Aura)* are you even kidding me? really? REALLY? as for me: I've been getting the line "how are you still single/how is someone like you still single??" with slightly hilarious frequency, but clearly: - I'm not the right one/I'm good enough to hit on but not enough to ask out - or I'm not enough of a vapid, airheaded girly-girl - or I'm just perma-friendzoned/everyone's little sister/one-of-the-bros - or, sadly, I'm "too smart." (or no one has the balls to say anything?) I get turned down. it's fine for now-- my life is too hectic & too mutable for someone who can't keep up. lots of mayhem going on that involves getting my life set first. good luck, kids <3
  8. Yori's Room

    yoooooo! welcome back & good to see you again (though I'm pretty much still a newb by EC standards )! as of late it seems like work/untangling real life has taken up more of people's time than anything, and we do most of our meeting up at parties & events. it would be great to have some more real sessions; maybe a winter "snowshop", depending on how everyone's schedules play out.
  9. hugs! check yer PMs, dude.
  10. Aura: it was a rhetorical question. trust me, I know. hooooo boy. Tico, that's just lame on their part. And they're flattering themselves by automatically thinking that you're asking them not as a friend! pfffft.
  11. short rant after this weekend, spent around close friends in stable relationships & getting the whole "wtf how are you possibly single" line from people such: how difficult is it to find a drug-free, intelligent, well-balanced, stable, un-insane, easygoing but not lazy, considerate, healthy, unashamedly nerdy but not hopelessly socially inept partner? 'cause god knows my close friends seem to have already found 'em all. I don't think there are any left, but it was beautiful to see their interactions. we could all go from straight nerds to standard intellectuals, to normal people to totally goofy fangeeks to competent adults. we went from cosplaying in the daytime to going out for dinner & drinks like it was nothing. and it wasn't, because it was all part of who we were. I'm deliriously happy for my friends. but... where are all the other openminded but level-headed/multifaceted but not directionless people?! too much pretense & judgment 'round here. too many skewed priorities. too many self-important tools & hipsters. too many mindless followers & yea-sayers. not enough awesome.
  12. Lira! Don't forget about the girls collab! :D It's due this Sunday!

  13. Oh, no no no. Add to yourself, maybe, but in my opinion, never fundamentally change who you are (i.e. sacrifice your ideals, compromise your personal morals & values, etc) just for a relationship. anything you build on a false or unstable foundation will eventually fall apart. I mean, this goes for pretty much anything-- but especially in personal relationships. A "new you" that's only on the surface will never sustain anything. Only build on what you have there. example? being confident helps me in every part of life. that's one thing that almost anyone can do-- and seriously, nice guy/nice girl syndrome often happens because people just stand by & let opportunities go by. but the last time I sacrificed a part of myself to try & make a relationship work-- dumbing myself down one time, toning down my independent nature another time-- it felt unnatural & rapidly became stifling. we make mistakes when we're learning. and above all, don't idealize relationships. if you want a relationship just for the sake of being in one, it's not gonna work. you have to actually want a specific person and work to fit your individual selves & lives together. relationships are work. you probably know they're never perfect. but they can be wonderful. // *gets off soapbox*
  14. ...oh, hun. :/ first off: HUGS. I know people who've had similar disabilities-- if I'm reading you correctly, anyway-- and they're not easy to deal with. Good luck with all you do. second off: no, a rebound girlfriend is not a good idea. If the main motivation that brings to you someone is getting over someone else, then once you get over that other person, you don't have a foundation for your relationship anymore. There's nothing solid there. And that's not fair to someone else who's invested time into it. That's basically all I can really say. and I know this is going to sound trite, but time makes things better. Time & finding other things to enjoy in life. You've got your whole life ahead of you. We're all pretty young. Never lose hope & keep moving on.