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  1. Next Colorado Meetup

    i think the 27th is ronskii speed at the church. We could try centering around that
  2. You know, this topic caught my eye because i cant remember the last night i went out and freehanded ANYWHERE without being asked if i'm rolling or i'm on something. I have to say from a weird backwards sort of point of view like mine, i'd be almost insulted if someone DIDNT ask. Two reasons behind that realization poped in my mind. 1 you are so good that you must be on something....... Well no i'm not on anything, but the compliment is nice, especially when you see the respect grow in there mind because you can freehand sober and make it look good. 2 if you are freehanding but having a really off night, they might ask you that just to make sure you are doing okay, i've personally had to go to the med tent at 2 events in 5+ years of freehanding, but people caring is ALWAYS a good thing.
  3. I don't see it haha check to make sure it went thru ;)

  4. Hey i have an avatar, and a post to match! lol

  5. heyyy ya lazy bum! get an avatar! and a signature !

  6. Things to do this week, 1 buy working camara, or find working camera (video), 2 film first video of self freehanding. After 4 years of freehanding i figured it may be about time =)
  7. hay thurrrr sticks : )

  8. yeah they shouldnt mind, i do know them, but i dont know there names, the only one i can remember is druva who i already told you is working on freehanding like me.

  9. hmm ok. I was wondering cuz I'm making a compilation video from EDC... I don't think it will look good if I include only some people's names. I think what I'll end up doing is just leave the guys that I didn't know out of the video

  10. HEY JB just an fyi i dont have the names of all those people at EDC i just know one of them was Druva (short bandana white guy) but besides that i dont know the rest

  11. Next Colorado Meetup

    um first weekend in august....... as in the 1st and second or the 8th and 9th. cause if its the 8th and 9th....... i'm probubly gonna be having my birthday festivities in vegas.
  12. Next Colorado Meetup

    Never, i'll be perminantly shackled by the constraints of the society we live in!............... okay in reality, i dunno until my schedule settles down a bit, once it does, it'll be easy to figure out.
  13. Midwest Intro Thread

    welcome zach! nice to see another freehander!
  14. whats up sticks cant wait for EDC give me a call so we can start planning the meet up before we go.

  15. Heh, odd, same rules i created before i learned of this site, for myself and my bro, almost same reasons verbatum too