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  1. i just went realllly slow so i could get the hand movement. then once i got it down i just started picking up the pace. took about 2 days to get it pretty good
  2. Name: Hudson Age: 15 Gender: M Location: ATL GA Interests: Badminton, freehand, and mah jong Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Digital Fortress/ Never picked up a magazine before xD/ Hell's Kitchen Musical Interest: An all rounder except for some things xD Goal in the next 5 years: Get into a fairly good college (Emory) Goal in the next 20 years: Go to Antarctica ><" What turns you on about the opposite sex: smile and eyes If i had a million dollars I would: pay off all the debt for my parents and buy myself a house xD I am good at: Badminton School (if applicable): Chattahoochee HS , Freshmen Work (if applicable): I am on because: I love making new friends and such My website/picutures are located: facebook ^^" Describe yourself: Chinese , enough said? What do you do for fun? play with dead sticks and mahjong Random fact about yourself: I have scoliosis What you did last weekend: just a bit stalkerish? xD studied... and studied.... and studied.... What you do when you go out: buy items lol Are you in a relationship? naw Are you looking to be in a relationship? not rly