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  1. yeah. just hanging around. hows it going on your end?

  2. im kind of hoping that sending this will send you and email since you havent been on here in years. oh the nostalgia. o.-

  3. do you live in athens?

  4. ... o.0

    you do that then...

  5. i dont watch family guy

  6. make a solo....


    that is all.

  7. seriously. what are you talking about?

  8. what are you talking about?

  9. thank you thank you thank you

    i need it by october 17th. please get it to me. i despritely need footage...not to sound pathetic or anything >.>

    and it still syas your inbox is full

  10. dude. i had a huge well thought out pm but your inbox is full so i have to make a shorter one here. submit to the hybrid collab. your not too lazy and you have a good hybrid style. and i like the way that it has developed. please send a clip

  11. ohhhhh. i set my shutter speed to eight secnds. (the most i had) then set the timer. got down there and sat down. then put the sticks in my lap and basicly "bouced" the stick around me while holding them. and then back into my lap.

  12. this is a tutorial on here. my father taught me how a long time ago for stars and driving down the road purposes.


  13. i ment to have him email you the footage. you dont have to crack new ones but that would be nice. hey hey hey. if you have a bunch of led sticks hidden or somewhere accessable then you could tape them together for 15in ranbow wall type thing of awsomeness. not at your house of course

  14. you shouldnt have to wait around for it. take matters into your own hands. you made me a promise. o.o

  15. but you arent there yet man. getting closer. and i remembered something from a long time ago. you promised me a video with 15 inch ultras that i never got. ive been waiting.

    have you gotten your situation figured out any, or has it calmed down any since the last instalment you posted?

  16. then get back to post whoring. we dont have any good ones right now exceptin the sand box. it gets dead during the day without you.



  17. i sure as hell hope you didnt quit. you bring hope to all the little kiddies. just so you know. i expect your return to come with a video of such epic proportions that the media center will explode with such force that it puts gsc out fo commission for at least three days while they rebuild the server. (just throwing that out there)

  18. HES ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey there. i saw you post you forum ninja. you cant hide forever.

  19. hello. who are you, and how are you?

  20. no. *droops* i dont get to go anywhere. there is nothing here

  21. you look very familiar. did you ever live in georgia?

  22. didnt you used to be on gxg?

    welcome either way

  23. it makes since with all your youtube subcriptions

  24. its about time you joined