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  1. Where are they now.

    It seemed at one point there was a lot drama on the threads and it seemed that people thinned out and stopped making a presesnce. I've got a kid of my own now, hell I was just a kid when I first signed up 10 years (holy fuck saying that is crazy) I have been inactive for a long time but still keep in touch with people here and there. A few years ago did a Fire Performance with Adrillf out in the Salt Flats in Utah while he was attending School. Spun and hung out Many times with Kael while he was out here as well.
  2. melvenorc12 Video!

    Well I haven't been on GSC in ages I mean years it feels like. Looking at the site I just kinda felt confused the layout was different and I didn't recgonize any of the names but I recgonized yours! Melvenorc12, Great video man, I loved the poi-ish moves (air wraps, stalls, the advanced weaves and crossovers) it looked very smooth. The string manipulations were great I had no idea what was going on there (Is Cleric Still around?) I think you noticed the toss of the stick during the small freehand section obviosuly looked a little funny you laughed so I don't think that was as intended. The wrap and trace combos looked very smooth and the combinations were solid overall i'm glad to see a solid clip with no editing!
  3. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Well Hi Kids, I's been awhile, whats going on?
  4. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    What's the lighting like in the room? If there's no windows than earlier is a little nicer, but there are windows than darker so that we can see sticks. I have a camcorder I can bring. PA system there?
  5. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Get me a date and I'll be there, except that I'm getting married 4/10, so that might be bad haha. So later in April would be cool 17th-24th?
  6. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Sadly I work the evening of this friday/saturday and next friday/saturday. So if it's in the evening I won't be able to make an appearance.
  7. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    BT, Sound, Tomorrow! Yay
  8. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Ugh, Sso glad it's a trance artist coming here. Who all is going to be there?
  9. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Well I'm still around here, I think the next one I'm going to will be BT.
  10. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Adam, when are you leaving again? Because I'd like to hang out before you leave, even if it's not a meetup or at all spinning related.
  11. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Yeah we understand the point of a meet up, but I tried to organize one and only one person showed up unfortunately, I'll always help plan one but I'd rather not invest the money into again unless I can guarantee a head count. I'd love to see deadmau5 again.
  12. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    On a side note, who has camcorders? My Girl's got a nice SLR camera that I know she's bringing so the pictures we've got down, and I know Brandon has a camcorder but can anyone else bring one?
  13. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    It will be indoors.
  14. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    So lets get a list of who's coming to the Oct 31st meet up
  15. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    So far the plan is to have one at the Magna Rec center the day of Get Freaky, there is another thread and i will port some of that data over into this thread on the plans.