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  1. hey i want to go to a happeee place where can i get tickets!

  2. haha yeah been really busy lately with more upcoming stuff lately :( take a listen and let me know about it tml :P

  3. Geez, Elvin! I finally got around to visiting your podcast page....been busy lately I see :)

  4. :D ppl like ur music, i used it in my freehand vid yesterday ^^..
  5. Hey Elvin! I just saw your IMs about this weekend. Damn, you've been getting alot of gigs lately! :D Unfortunately though I won't be able to make it. But I'll be seeing you this Saturday at the meetup!

  6. hey there mister martial arts :) hehe how you doing?keep your dates open on july 11th and you will see soom news posted up soon :) cant wait to get behind the decks again this time as i got more stuff coming

  7. Good seeing you this weekend, Elvin or should I say secret freehander!!! Let me know more about your gig coming up and I'll come by!