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  1. yes...hawaiian ravers love gs.c....

  2. lol i had to laugh at your avatar! everytime i look at it i think of caramelldansen....

  3. haha! aite. can't wait till 18, now.

  4. lolol. dont sweat it. i didnt go to Energy either. have to work the whole weekend. im for sure gonna hit up shock on monday tho. damn you need to hit 18. lol. yah i been there and done that in regards to the grades = freedom bit. lol. guess its what happens when u got Japanese parent lol. take it easy!

  5. ahh! i forgot! Either way, i couldn't go. School grades, apply to my freedom, and that freedom is cut. hahaha!

  6. lolol i have no rhythm in that respect right now lol. a few of my friends are trying it tho so maybe ill try. are you and your goin to Energy next saturday? im not sure if i will be in attendance but it is a great place to meet ppl. Not AS great as livewire and shocks but its a start. esp for u sinc u not 18

  7. Haha! well, it's not too bad once you get the running man down. I gotta do it right, though. haha!

  8. nice. i still need to learn to shuffle. lol is it hard to learn?

  9. Haha! nothing much, osi. My usual days sort of thing. Stringing, and shuffling. Haha!

  10. what up lucky?

  11. ew finals.... >_< yuck. that word alone makes me shiver. lol

  12. I'm entering finals >.<

  13. Not much. Went to Energy last Saturday. Hopefully Venus on monday. What have you been up to? =P

  14. so what've you been up to lately!