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  1. When you are needing to string, but can't, and you start make hand movements like you're stringing without actually having them. When you try to swing everything you can swing. Like ethernet cables =X
  2. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Thanks everybody for contributing to my collaboration.
  3. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    HOLY CRAP. I'm surprised noone asked why there was 45 seconds of "clouds" in this one part. Let's just say I screwed up Sorry. This will be in the media center after Brian gets off school or something. We've been busy because we're kinda in school right now. Other than that, I'm glad you guys liked my video =] I shall get back to you guys when I get home.
  4. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Estimated time left: 00:45:30 (18.35 MB of 132.70 MB) Elapsed time - Transfer rate: 00:07:18 - 43 KB/s
  5. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    What the hell do points do anyways. And yes I'm in a bad mood .
  6. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    I can care less. Next time I'm keeping my word and not waiting for 1 dam submission that took a day to get and not even work Give me about 2 hours to render/upload. Sorry. If I didn't wait, I could of had it up yesterday.
  7. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Don't make it yet =X It might get cold xD
  8. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Sorry guys =[ There's going to be a delay. It'll be released today though. I'm waiting for a late submission to fill in a gap.
  9. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Entries are now closed. Release time approx. 7:00pm Pacific time on September 23rd.
  10. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    And the 20th submission goes to FlowRate !
  11. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Monday is the last day to submit, so gogoggo !
  12. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Haha clouds aren't a must, but its a plus =D. I'm usually on so just hit me up on aim if you guys need anything. Send it to melvenorc12 ONLY if I'm not on, since I'm the one editing the video.