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  1. sup dude?

    are you going to toys 4 tots this year?

  2. i practice err day pretty much
  3. red hot chili peppers stadium arcadium album
  4. if i can find a ride ill go but i dont know for sure yet

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xEzboG8Oec&feature=related
  6. im playnig with mesa ridge high school

    hopefully i can watch but idk if were gonna be there on saturday cuz saturday is our schools prom and we have like 5 seniors

  7. yo

    thats pretty badass dude

    so i think im gonna be going 2 that festival up at ur school on friday?

    r u gonna be able 2 watch the bands that go or r u gonna be helping other bands with stuff?

  8. Name:joe Age:17 Gender:m Location:fountain Interests:CHILLIN Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:no Musical Interest:yes Goal in the next 5 years:make a selling cd Goal in the next 20 years:become jesus What turns you on about the opposite sex:the reflection of me If i had a million dollars I would:buy stuff I am good at:being a beast School (if applicable):dookie Work (if applicable):none I am on glowsticking.com because:its where the beasts go My website/picutures are located:here? Describe yourself:me What do you do for fun?fly around the world in 73 seconds Random fact about yourself:i used 2 be fat What you did last weekend:global dance for life What yo do when you go out:drop it like its hot Are you in a relationship?no Are you looking to be in a relationship?no
  9. AC Slater - Jack got jacked (Jack Beats remix)
  10. u know ur a stringer wen every time u look at urself in the mirror u feel like a beast or maybe thats just me haha
  11. u know wen ur a stringer wen ur a total beast... haha
  12. well i just had 2 talk 2 sumbody i went 2 the hospital and talked 2 a bunch of ppl and i felt a lot better

    so i just had 2 vent

  13. sounds pretty legit

  14. agreed

    havent been 2 a rave/party in a while

    ill try 2 bring craigology if i come

  15. depending on if i got money and if i can get a ride and oermission from my parents 2 "spend the night at a friends" lol

    i might try and make it

  16. im gonna try 2 this year

  17. do u know if ur gonna make it 2 global?

  18. im gonna try cuz i was supposed 2 make the one before changing the rules but i got grounded >_< lol

  19. yea its pretty hard lol

    do u know if ur gonna make the next meet up?

    i think itll be at the dunes but idk yet it sounds pretty epic so far

  20. im trying the weave but its raping me right now haha

  21. i only got the spirals and bicep wraps but ill get better in time

  22. nm man just chillin and trying 2 work on my 1 handed stuff

    how bout u?