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  1. Soon I shall pass you in posts... Very soon.

  2. So many new members! Welcome everyone to Gs.C <cough>freehand, don't string<cough> Awesome! Thats what i went to school for
  3. Im actually attempting to make my own electronic track from nothing. Its rather difficult, but rewarding when it is finished
  4. yes that was me, haha. That was an awesome night

  5. mjr! you were the one who gave me the glasses @ love right =)

  6. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone [Deadmau5 Remix] This track is awesome
  7. Yeah, it's a Samsung stripe. omg We have the same phones no wai. It's a replacement phone because I dropped my Razor in the toilet. ;-;

  8. i have the same phoneas in your picture. Samsung Stripe right? It's old though, I need a new one.

  9. LoL I was browsing my phone today, and I realized I have a pic of a red panda in my phone...no idea when I took it, but sure enough it is there =b

  10. R a t a t a t http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1H7vZYBeHc...feature=related
  11. Yori's Room

    Sorry again that i couldn't make it up to NYC last weekend. Looks like everyone had a good time though.
  12. YES! Awesome! "Everyone knows there ain't no such thing as Leftover Crack!"