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  1. ...when you've been on the receiving end of a concerned glare from the cashier that sold you all those shoe laces.
  2. Name: Gleb Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: Nebraska Interests: Many things. Ice Skating, Music and Physics to name a few Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: 24, House MD Musical Interest: Anything besides country Goal in the next 5 years: Finish College Goal in the next 20 years: Career, family, etc What turns you on about the opposite sex: Ability to have fun! If i had a million dollars I would: Spend some but invest most I am good at: A number of things! School (if applicable): CU Work (if applicable): None I am on because: Friend, Glowstringing My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: I'm random, friendly What do you do for fun? Listen to music, read, video games, spend time with friends Random fact about yourself: I'm from Ukraine What you did last weekend: Ice Skating on Friday, party on Saturday, homework (><) on Sunday What yo do when you go out: Have fun? Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? yes and no
  3. Midwest Intro Thread

    'Ello Name: Gleb (Russian) Location: Omaha, Nebraska Style: Strings, interested in learning freehand I joined a while ago, never posted. I think it's time to start!