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  1. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  2. i am not 100% sure i was thinking of hitting the denver one because of the better line up, plus two days of partying might be too much for me haha, but we will see are you going? both days?

  3. Dude, I have no reason to kill you...unless I say...found out you are NOT coming down for EDC! =0D But seriously, I've planned to come up for the Super Spring Break meetup a few times. I really hope that I can be successful in planning next time.

  4. haha! What's goin' on, Troy! Comin' down for EDC this year?

  5. ravergirl, you are a legend! you were in the first gsc vid i ever watched, and you have inspired me to get to where i am today. thank you and god bless

  6. awritey ravergirl :D u dnt kno me but i jus wanted u 2 kno that ur videos inspired me 2 start glowsticking n now its almost an addiction lol thanks for makin me realise a talent i neva knew i had ;)

  7. Ya prolly don't know me but just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome vids! keep it up!

  8. hey there chica, just thought of you so thought I'd say hi, been watching some of the old meetup vids, miss you guys!

  9. so I see your going to UMF. i'm thinking about trying to make it out there myself. but that will be a long plane ride.

  10. Hey girl!! :) it was awesome seeing you over at TAO ^_^ lol Especially the awesome lightshows that you give :P lol I think im gonna reserve 50 ultras just for you next time :) and a monster lol

  11. Just wanted to say mad props on all the vids. I love all your productions. Hopefully you have an awesome and fruitful film career in the future! True talents will be reccognized in time.

  12. Your 'Basics of Freehand' was pretty much the first glowsticking vid I ever watched. It totally inspired me to freehand! Thanks a bunches ^^,