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  1. wat does happy hands mean tho? loll

    is it porn related?

  2. so that's how happyhands was born ;)

  3. sum cool asian dude that loved porn

  4. who is this andrew that you speak of? ;)

  5. happy hands? andrew? 0_O

  6. asot 373 baby....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. wzzup homie haha

  8. Shook dah whoop!

  9. LOL....yea man I really liked it. I'm wanting to pick up my handles again hehe. =P

  10. Thank you! Finally, someone actually commented on the helpfulness of my handles tutorial instead how bright my damn LED sticks are!

  11. BT - Force of Gravity (Ferry Corsten remix)
  12. Gucci Mane ft. Young Jeezy - So Icy
  13. HAHA..dude wow your majoring math in college. I give you mad props for that!

    I still haven't really though of what I want to do after hight school =/..

  14. I mean, seriously, math doesn't get fucked up until you start adding positive numbers and start getting negative ones LOL! Then, you can tell me "Okay, this math shit is stupid"