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  1. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Cameron (or Cam whatever) Location: Round Lake, IL Gender: Male Style: Stringzzzzz (fast wrap whore)
  2. lol i remember that vid, cleric told me about it so i went and flagged it and sent the guy PM, freakin nipple head...good job juno lol
  3. Well over the time span that i went to energy constantly, i met Joe and i consider him to be a "club buddy" for whenever i went. Someone i knew would be there to chill out with and string with. I met wayne about halfway between the time i started going to energy to when i stopped. Wayne was a cool guy, i never had a problem with him. The three of us would always string together and it was good times. It wasn't until i think a month ago i found Joe on myspace and i saw a flier for another club saying the "Special Guest: A-Town Stringers" so when i went to Joes myspace i sent him a message that i was laughing my fucking balls off at him and wayne for actually making a duo crew. He told me they've had one for a long time i guess i never knew. But anyways, i got to know them both after a while and yes, i disapprove of them making a crew, but i still know them enough (and myself) that i would have no problem stringing around them, but i won't associate myself as part of their "dynamic duo". I strung with every glowsticker that came into Energy because it brings out better vibes for everyone, the more the merrier right? I got the special text telling me about that night where energy had they're glowsticking comp, and i couldn't go cuz i was working, but honestly i was bummed because i wanted to go back and see everyone i knew would be there. I know damn well i wouldn't have participated but the fact that i still had friends there would've drawn me to observe at least. I don't know...basically i can't hold it against Joe and Wayne because i grew to know them and they're cool guys, they are obviously free to do as they choose and i have no right to turn them away from whatever it is they pursue. I mean those two, me, and another stringer from Joliet, IL, Jeremy, not sure if he was ever on here, but we all would have an awsome night doing what we're supposed to do, stick and learn. We all learned alot from each other so i can't shun them very much, but i certainly won't promote them or that type of "scene".
  4. I've actually been stringing for like 2 years now lol but i'm probably at a 6-7th month skill rank. But i'm really getting back into it so hopefully some steady to rapid progression should be happening soon. I'm working on putting out a new handles vid so be on the look out for that sometime soon :)

  5. Name: Cameron (or i go by my middle name: James sometimes, use whichever) Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: Round Lake Beach, IL Interests: Music, Stringin', Clubs, Driving, Drawing, Games, Movies, Billiards Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: The 300 Graphic Novel/ Family Guy Musical Interest: Hardstyle, Hardhouse, House, Euro, Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop/R&B Goal in the next 5 years: Start DJ'ing for the local clubs Goal in the next 20 years: typical married/kids/house/money deal What turns you on about the opposite sex: confidence...and a good looking neck lol If i had a million dollars I would: put half away for my kids college (when i have them) then maybe sponsor an entire facility for glowsticking and other dance forms in a bunch of that hasn't been thought of before lol I am good at: understanding School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): Security Guard and Financial Service Agent I am on because: Well i was on here before as "Pyramid" but i decided to make a new account. I love the communittee and all it has to offer My website/picutures are located: i've got a bunch of glowsticking photos on my myspace: /cameron4406 Describe yourself: Easy going, practical (at times lol) and i like smiling/laughing and making others happy too What do you do for fun? well string of course lol then club, then jam out in the car on a good long drive Random fact about yourself: I'm half philippino and half scottish What you did last weekend: worked :-( What yo do when you go out: mostly club when i can, but i do go out and just play pool ocasionally Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? whenever the opportunity arises i will