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  1. thanks for the birthday wishes!! :)

  2. Thanks, bebe.

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    Sorry, I won't talk as much!! Dude Rai... fb thread diiiiied since we've been on gsc... LOL!
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    OK! Gosh... Maybe we had a few conversations but that must have been SO long ago.... I c0nt remember yo!
  5. Yori's Room

    I never talked to you on myspace. I just added you cause you were friends with Tenaj. But... the first time I met you, I was dancing at Pacha. I thought you were this weird dude with dragonball Z hair. LOL!!! jk jk. But then I guess the real time we hung out was when I came over to your place for Diggers.
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    Awwww <3 *hugs*
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    Babay..... I feel bad if you have to stay at Love with me til 4am. So... Unless someone's gonna go with you, and you're gonna have fun, I don't want you to go. I was planning on crashing at my friend's place in Brooklyn... He's the one who got me the job at Love. So.. I was thinking about doing this.... What about I come back to the city on Sat night for Sully with you guys and then I'll just go back to Jersey with you? And then, you can bring me to church on Sunday at 12:30? It's in Teaneck. I would have sold you my cdjs for soooo cheap!!! I wish I met you earlier!!!
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    I'm a freakin' loser who has posted 40+ posts already. And I just been on gsc today.
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    That's what I WAS WONDERING?
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    Hehe, anything for a homegirl of Rai's. Too bad we didn't really get to chat more at your party! I might go to Love for that. I know Romi... I met her a few times... she's friends with one of my girls who moved to Bangkok. SOME OF those chicks playing at Love are HOOOTTTTT....
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    true. I feel like our fb thread died down a little since we've been on gsc.
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  13. Herrooo. I'm MadRaverRai and Ginseng's homegirl Name: Sooki Lee Age: 22 6/25/85 Gender: Female... but I have boy qualities, such as driving stick and playing cs Location: New York Interests: DJing, Modeling, Gogo dancing, Partying, Computer games, Shopping, Fashion, Photography Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Catcher in the Rye/W, InStyle, Vogue/HEROES!! Musical Interest: HOUSE!!!!! Prog, Tribal, Electro. Also like that glam-rock, hipster music. MSTRKRFT <3, Steve Lawler, My homeboy Satoshi Tomiie, My boys from the Low End Specialists, Deep Dish... and many more... both local and international DJs with a lot of talent. Glad to call 'em my friends Goal in the next 5 years: Get a stable job, live on my own, have a boyfriend, LOL. Goal in the next 20 years: Be married, have kids, and still have the same friends I have now. What turns you on about the opposite sex: How they dress, and how they treat a woman. If i had a million dollars I would: Invest a lot of it, to make it grow. The rest I'd go shopping, charity, and spoil my family. I am good at: Dancing? School (if applicable): I've been all over. Korea University, Suffolk University, The Art Inst. of Boston, SUNY Albany... and I have 3 semesters left, still! Work (if applicable): Vacationing. I am on because: I support my boys Rai and Gin. My website/pictures are located: Describe yourself: Funny, short, cute?, friendly, smart, cautious, caring What do you do for fun? Dance, Spin, Photography, Friends Random fact about yourself: I DJed since I was What you did last weekend: Hung out with Rai, Tenaj, and Natasha. What you do when you go out: Dance and have fun! Are you in a relationship? NO! Are you looking to be in a relationship? NO!
  14. Omg you're so cute!!!

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    WERRRD <3 What is EC?
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    Awesome! Yeah, that's be cool. I had just been putting things on but it gets to be a hassle. I gotta send it to EVERYONE... lol. Thanks!
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    Daaaamn you're far out there.... Atleast I'm on your way to the Verrazano. I'll burn you my mix and we can listen to it in the car on the way to the city, whenever that is!
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    I have one on my computer. My hard drive died and I had to replace it. A lot of stuff got wiped out. It's kind of old, oct 2006... I've sold my cdj's since then. I'm going to my friends' places soon to make new mixes. It's electro house though. I don't do trance. I'm all about tribal, electro, progressive. I don't know where Annadale is??
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    We should all go hang out and get some food. I've never actually hung out in SI.
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    LOL! My idea to put Gin's picture on the macbook pro!
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    How do I make it so that posts show up most recent first? LOL~ Where in SI do you live? I just posted in the si stickers thread.
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    Hi everyone! I'm Rai's friend. I just signed up today, to keep tabs on him... keke jusssst kidding. I DJ and gogo dance. I'm from NYC~ and I'm here to support my homeboy Rai <3 Annnd I know Gin. <3